LOVE LIVE AFRICA was born from the passion its team has of the African continent. Our philosophy is that to LOVE AFRICA one must LIVE AFRICA; but through the eyes of its native people. That is why our guides are hand selected.

LOVE LIVE AFRICA is a Destination Management Company, specializing in Exclusive Travel Design for a unique as well as luxurious experience in and around Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Rwanda). We endeavour to take people off the beaten track so that they can see a different Africa and truly experience the wonders these awe inspiring countries have to offer.

We are a small team of specialists devoted to create the safari of our guests’ dreams. Our concept of travel is not only to view the wildlife, interact with the people and admire the landscapes but to LIVE an experience that will change the eyes and thoughts of our traveller and above all the way they see and perceive AFRICA. We hope to make everybody who travels with us to LOVE AFRICA as much as we do.

We are proud of our extremely personalized services and our in depth knowledge of the product we offer to our guests according to their special requirements or wishes. We always go that bit extra to please them and can offer them a wide range of activities such as trekking safaris, mountain biking, horse riding, sky diving, ballooning, golf, dhow trips and diving, just to name a few of the diverse activities this destination has to offer.

We ensure that by the end of everybody’s safari experience with LOVE LIVE AFRICA, they will put Africa in a very special place of their heart and get addicted to the uniqueness of this continent.